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Many other products such as leather goods, bags, name badges, logos, VIP ribbons, aprons, borders, towels or flags can also be designed with RACER machines. ZSK&39;s RACER set a new standard for tubular embroidery machines in the industry. With two heads designed and engineered to provide the highest quality embroidery on any garment, you can speed through bulk orders like never before.

The advantage to you: There is no longer need for sewing equipment and a manual change of yarns to achieve several colors. ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH. ZSK Racer 1 Head ZSK Racer 1XL has 24 Needles and largest sewing field within the industry.

The stretch sewing field measures 16″ x 15″, making it ideal for jacket backs, hockey jerseys, blankets, beach towels and more. racer 1Xl. This 24 needle commercial embroidery machine has a massive field size of approximately 30 x 30 inches (700. GSG now offers the new ZSK Racer 2W stretch field embroidery machine. · ZSK Machines in the USA brings you the newest video demonstration of the mighty Racer XL. The keys on the left start and stop the machine, and those on the right control the movement of the pantograph.

When receiving any large piece of equipment, make sure to inspect the packaging for any signs of damage during shipping – and, to notate the damage before the delivery service leaves. The RACER 1XL is the latest member of the popular ZSK tubular machine series RACER, available with 1,2,4,6 and 8 embroidery heads. The Racer 2W has all of the innovative features as the single head machines, and more! 18 Embroidery Speed per min. ZSK Sprint 612 Model Needles Industrial Embroidery Machine, 1 Head, 460mm Technische Daten Technical Data RACER 1W. The Racer Series machinery is built with extreme precision with flexibility and longevity in mind.

Newly equipped with the smallest tubular arm within the industry, according to ZSK, the Racer 1W now allows embroidery on even smaller garments than before. USER MANUAL FOR MACHINE TYPE SPRINT • SPRINT XL JAFA • JNFA RACER ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH • Magdeburger Str. Find the spare parts catalogue for embroidery zsk racer 1 manual machines of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, Germany ZSK Embroidery Machines Germany Magdeburger Str. 24 needles / colors are not only a rich palette of colors of embroidery threads, a large number of halftones, as well as saving time for refilling new threads. Using a border frame, the length can be expanded up to 19 inches, making embroidery on products such as banners, curtains, and. The RACER series is suitable for the processing of many different textiles. Tukwila, WA 98188.

When running the ZSK Embroidery Machine, you will need to oil certain parts to maintain the stitch quality. “As an embroiderer if you were to design an embroidery machine that ticks all these boxes then it would be the ZSK Racer 1XL 24. - 8am-4pm (CST) Will Call Hours: Mon. “Today, all successful businesses need to be agile, responsive and versatile,” says Stocks.

Our top-selling Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Manual software is our most popular for people looking for a money-making creative outlet. A green telltale indicates which side is active. No matter your need, your ability or your knowledge level, we offer embroidery software to fit your individual requirements. Developed and manufactured in Germany, this machine concept guarantees the shortest amortization times thanks to the highest embroidery speed.

ZSK’s largest single head embroidery machine, the Racer 1XL, has been designed and engineered to provide the highest quality embroidery on any garment, with a much larger embroidery area! ZsK offers the racer series with s (400mm) and W (495mm) head distance. ZSK Embroidery Machines Germany Magdeburger Str. the head distance describes the distance between the centre of two. Embroider up to 6 garments at a time, with a top speed of 1000 stitches per minute. Newly equipped with the smallest tubular arm within the industry, according to ZSK, the Racer 1XL now allows embroidery on even smaller garments than before. We are now planning to open a small family-owned and operated embroidery shop and are impressed by the specs of the ZSK Racer 1XL. In this video, Rene takes us step by step - with detailed instructions - how to do the hook timing on the ZSK Embroidery Machine.

The ZSK Racer 6S, the most popular of the multi-head machines, gets the job done quickly, efficiently and profitably. Racer 1XL, opens up new horizons in embroidery, sets new standards in stitching. According to Stocks, the new ZSK Racer 1XL 24 is no ordinary single head. Speed up your production line with the ZSK Racer 2W twin head embroidery zsk racer 1 manual machine.

The multi-head (available in 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 heads) embroidery machines are extremely precise and operations of this series provides great flexibilty with proven durability. ZSK Racer 1XL Única en el mundo, 1 cabezal con 24 colores. It impresses with its extremely high through-put rates, optimum product quality and maximum. Maschine - Machine Köpfe Heads. 38-40 • 47800 Krefeld • Germany MADE IN GERMANY ZSK STICKMASCHINEN MADE IN GERMANY. 08/Kx Machine control keypad There are two sides to the keypad, only on e of which is active at a time. The multi-head embroidery machines impress with their extreme embroidery accuracy, flexible operating.

With our embroidery machines you have the choice – select 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 colours. View & download of more than 18 ZSK PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Andrea from ZSK Machines (Notcina) in the zsk racer 1 manual US & Rene from ZSK Germany properly unpack the ZSK Sprint Embroidery Machine and it’s contents from the pallet. With the bridge-type build style on a single head, the ZSK offers the most versatile frame – providing a sturdy and virtually vibration-free piece of equipment. RACER 1 XL The Racer XL series offers all the features and reliability of the standard Racer with the additional benefit of a zsk much wider embroidery field. This machine can adapt specialty devices (such as sequins or cording) without changing any electronic board components or altering any electrical component – ZSK produces the most compatible & versatile machine in the world. Kopfabstand Head Distance. Sewing Machine, user manuals, operating guides & specifications.

ZSK Racer 1XL Price in USD? Ideal para bordar escudos de banderas, bordados litúrgicos, entr. Spare parts for all ZSK embroidery machines. My mother was a professional embroiderer who used industrial Brother machines years ago. Download the technical documentation for ZSK embroidery maschines and additional options ZSK Embroidery Machines Germany Magdeburger efeld Fon:E-Mail: de One step ahead.

The ZSK 24 Needle Single Head Bridge Style Machine has the same open back frame design as multi-head machines and is the most industrious commercial single-head on the market. Technical Data ZSK RACER Multihead Embroidery 18. 990 Industry Drive. Embroider, for example garments such as T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, caps, gloves, socks or shoes. Campo de bordado 650 mm x 700 mm.

Rene shows us where to oil and how often to keep. >> The ZSK Mc18 is a success story. Fon:. This is important should so. Customer Service:Mon. ZSK Machines, a division of Notcina, is your contact for ZSK equipment and any embroidery needs. RACER - welcome to the future of productivity With the machines of the new series RACER we set the world standard for free-arm embroidery machines.

- 9am-4pm (pick up policy). ZSK’s largest single head embroidery machine, the Racer 1W, has been designed and engineered to provide the highest quality embroidery on any garment, with a much larger embroidery area! Your ZSK Racer unit can be custom specified to have 1-8 heads of either 12, 18 or 24 needles, making sure it meets your needs and budget.

Witdth Depth Tubular Cap Standard / Cap Length Depth Height RACER 1Wx 395 70 x 360 1. 1 - 4 Quick reference guide T8 control unit – Version 1. With its specific torque of 18 Nm/cm3, it is the most powerful ZSK ever.

Single head machine mod. Notcina is one of the oldest and most respected entities in the industry, started in 1955 by the same family who operates the company today. When using our ZSK RACER 1XL or RACER 2XL, each embroidery head offers the opportunity to use 24 different colours. CPN: | GSG Part Number: ZSKRACER0124-1XL Brand Name: ZSK.

This new model offers, compared to other single head machines, unique 24 colors/needles and an enormous embroidery field of 650 x 700 mm.

Zsk racer 1 manual

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